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DANIU 250M 8-Wire Colored Insulated P/N B-30-1000 30AWG Wire Wrapping Cable Wrap Reel

LUSTREON 10M Tinned Copper 22AWG 2 Pin Red Black DIY PVC Electric Cable Wire for LED Strip Lighting

30m 18AWG Soft Silicone Line High Temperature Tinned Copper Flexible Cable Wire

15m 16AWG Soft Silicone Line High Temperature Tinned Copper Flexible Cable Wire – Red

100Pcs/Pack 20x20mm Self-Adhesive Zip Tie Cable Wire Mounts Clamps Wall Holder

Suleve™ M3NH6 300Pcs M3 Nylon Screw White&Black Hex Screw Nut PCB Standoff Spacer Assortment Kit

Excellway® HS01 100pcs Heat Shrink Wire Crimp Terminals BUTT Waterproof Connector

3M Double Sided Adhesive Tape Super Sticky Acrylic Foam Sticker for Car Auto Interior Fixed – 20mm

Screw Shield V3 Terminal Expansion Board For Arduino Compatible UNO R3

NANO IO Shield Expansion Board For Arduino

Keypad Shield Blue Backlight For Arduino Robot LCD 1602 Board

Green 170 Holes Mini Solderless Prototype Breadboard

120pcs 20cm Male To Female Female To Female Male To Male Color Breadboard Jumper Cable Dupont Wire Combination

BUBM 1200DPI Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Rechargeable Mouse Ultra Slim Office Gaming Optical Mouse

Saldatore, 936H 80W LCD Termostato Digitale Regolabile Senza Piombo Saldatrice Elettrica per Ferro Mini Stazione di Saldatura – Spina 220V UE Nero

Punte per saldatore – DANIU 12Pz 900M Serie Punte di Saldatrice per Saldatura Elettrica

MINI TS80 Digital OLED USB Type-C Programable Soldering Iron Station Solder Tool Built-in STM32 Chip – More Acc Package

MINI Original Replacement Solder Tip Soldering Iron Tips for TS80 Digital LCD Soldering Iron

0.5mm 500g Soldering Wires Welding Iron Rosin Core 60/40 Lead Tin Flux 2.0 Percent

DANIU 100g 63/37 Tin Lead Rosin Core 0.5-2mm 2% Flux Reel Welding Line Solder Wire

Multifunctional Durable Multifunction Handle Tool Wire Stripper Stripping Pliers

DANIU 23AWG to 10AWG Self Adjusting Ratcheting Ferrule Crimper Plier Tool with 800pcs Connector Terminal

110V/220V 0-30V 0-10A Alimentatore DC Digitale Regolabile Alimentazione di Commutazione – Spina europea

RF-Power8000 1Mhz-8000Mhz – OLED RF Power Meter -55dBm ~ -5dBm
Adjustable Attenuation Value

It’s based on AD8319

Measuring power range: -45 ~ + 5 dBm (external RF attenuator can be extended to 100dBm)
Measurement resolution: 0.1 dBm
Measurement frequency range:  1Mhz-8000Mhz
Measured power: 1nW ~ 2W Working voltage: 5V DC (can work MICRO-USB powered)
Working current: <50 mA
Working temperature: -40 ℃ ~ 65 ℃
Storage temperature: -40 ℃ ~ 65 ℃ Size(L*W*H):50 x 50 x 25 mm

Product application:
1. Low RF power measurement
2. Low calibration instrument  

0.96 Inch OLED display, PC to read data and Settings, can set the frequency point, preset attenuation, simple structure, convenient use, stable performance, reliable, high sensitivity and fast measurement, etc.  

1. Set by the upper machine frequency value
2. Instrument above contains four buttons, respectively is: up, down, left, right, sure touch four switches. Is to move the cursor around with, is add and subtract values with up and down.  

RF Common Sense Science:
1. dB is a pure count of unit:
For power, dB = 10 * lg (A / B).
For voltage or current, dB = 20 * lg (A / B).
2. dBm is defined miliwatt (mW).
0 dBm = 1mw; dBw defined watt. 0 dBW = 10lg1 W = 10lg1000 mw = 30 dBm. 3. dB power units are always defined by default, to 10lg for scoring.
Of course, some cases may signal strength (Amplitude) to describe the work and power, this time with 20lg for scoring.
Whether in the field or control signal processing field like this.
For example, sometimes you can see the expression dBmV.

* This video will describe how to use a simple RF power watt meter to measure output power of any radio transmitter from 1 MHz to 8000 MHz.
* Bangood RF Power Meter RF-Power 8000 1Mhz-8000Mhz OLED review and test

ImmersioneRC RF Misuratore di Potenza v2 w/ con 8 Ore Batteria Integrata per RC Dron – 35MHz, 72MHz, 433MHz, 868MHz, 900Mhz, 1200MHz, 2400MHz, 5800MHz… 6000MHz in step of 50MHz.

RF explorer 3g combined 15-2700mhz handheld digital spectrum analyzer

Hantek 3in1 Digital Oscilloscope+Waveform Generator+Multimeter Portable USB 2 Channels 40mhz 70mhz LCD Display Test Meter Tools Ultra-low Power Design With Large-capacity lithium Battery One-key AUTO – 2D72

I bought the model: 2D72


MUSTOOL MT666 TRMS Digital Multimetri Clamp Meter AC attuale AC / DC Tensione Resistenza Temperatura Tester Tester Cicalino V ~ Alert Measurent

Tester – ANENG Q1 9999 Conteggi Vero RMS Digitale Multimetri Tensione AC DC Corrente Continua Tensione Capacità

ST600 -32-600 ℃ Non Contattare Laser Lcd Display Digital IR Infrarosso Termometro Pistola per misuratori di temperatura

Temp.Range: -50 ~ 110 ℃ – XH-W3001 220V 10A LED Digitale Controllore di Temperatura Controllo Termostatico Sonda di Commutazione
More info are here.

Termostato – 0 ℃ ~ 400 ℃ Allarme REX-C100 Digitale Intelligente termostato LED PID regolatore di Temperatura Kit AC110V-240V
Qui alcuni video che fanno vedere come collegarlo e/o usarlo ma in Inglese.
Qui un video in Inglese ma molto semplice che fa vedere i collegamenti fisici.
Qui un video in ITALIANO su un modello che sembramolto simile al REX-C100.
Qui il manuale è in Inglese.

KKmoon Termoigrometro Digitale LCD
Here there is the manual.

Kekeda 1PSC WiFi smart door/window sensor
Use one CR2 Battery 3V

Battery: CR2 x 1
Battery Life: 2 years
Standby current: 13uA
Working current: 65mA
Max current: 100 mA
Wireless Type: 2.4GHz, 1T1R
Protocol: IEEE 802.11b/g/n
Wireless Range: 45m
Operating Temperature: 0℃~ 40℃ (32°F~104°F)
Operating Humidity: 20% ~ 85%
Storage Temperature: 0℃ ~ 60℃ (32°F ~140°F)
Storage Humidity: 0% ~ 90%
Size: Main body: 71mm x 21mm x22 mm
Small body: 40mm x 11mm x 11 mm

For more details concerning the way to use it in SMART LIFE app and ALEXA app see here.

Interruttore Intelligente WIFI and 433MHz Smart Switch – Wireless RF Telecomando Smart Home Timer Outlet per elettrodomestici Compatibile con Alexa e Google Home (1 Interruttore+1 telecomando).
Il manuale è qui, una descrizione più dettagliata è qui.
Qui vi è un video che ne spiega l’uso in Italiano.

HiKam, sensore PIR (seconda generazione) – sensore a infrarossi passivo, per uso esterno e interno, con connettività wireless da 433 MHz. Il manuale è qui.

eMylo® AC 220…240Vac – 1000W – 2x 1 Canale Smart Remote Control switch trasmettitore RF a 433MHz – relè senza fili con ricevitore. Il manuale è qui.

Radiocomandi a 2ch
Vedere qui.