SigFox vs. LoRa

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Below there are some comparisons.

Comparison n.1

Even though both networks position themselves similarly in the IoT market, they have significant technological and marketing differences.
While SigFox aims to become a global IoT operator, LoRa alliance wants to provide a technology that allows other companies to enable a global IoT.
Neither SigFox nor LoRa offer encrypted communications

(From: Raed’s Blog)

Comparison n.2

LoRa: less than 14 Km
Sigfox: less than 17 Km

Signal Bandwidth
LoRa: on CSS (Chirp spread spectrum)
Sigfox: on UNB (Ultra narrowband)  — higher spectral efficiency and can mitigate the noise better

LoRa: uses more bandwidth
Sigfox: is very practical for infrequent transmissions and offers longer battery life

Business Model
LoRa: can by deployed on your own to just cover your local area
Sigfox: is a network operator, so you wait for them to deploy, and you pay a subscription fee

LoRa:  weaker compared to Sigfox but I believe it will be improving
Sigfox: is better in preventing replay and man-in-the-middle attacks

(From: Annie’s Moment)

Comparison n.3

(From: Rakon)