TENDA MW12-3 Wi-Fi Mesh Tent, Tri-band, 3 Gigabit Ports, Wi-Fi Coverage up to 560 SQM, Supports 100 Connected Devices, Alexa Compatible

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This is NOT a sponsored review but we did it to give our opinion on these Mesh WiFi Repeaters.

The Tenda MW12 is a Mesh type WiFi repeater and is typically sold in 3 units and is called Tenda MW12-3.

Purchase guide

As you see there are different option, we choose the MW12 (3-pack) because is the plus complete and performance of all.


For more technical details see here.

Our tests

  • Very easy to install thanks to APP TENDA WIFI available for Android and iOS
  • Very easy to manage the advanced configurations always through the appropriate APP
  • Incredible management of the WiFi band, we with a connection of about 60Mb get the same band on the Tenda obviously with one object connected at a time.
  • Extremely stable WiFi network
  • Very easy to expand the net by adding a Tenda or more if needed. Maximum 12 Tenda.

In conclusion, a well-made product that we absolutely recommend.

There are several video tutorials on the internet.