TP-LINK – TL-WPA4220T KIT – Power Line Modem

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Inside the TL-WPA4220T KIT there are:
One TL-PA4010
Two TL-WPA4220

For configure this kit follow the steps below.

  • Connect all the accessories on a power supply and waiting 2 minutes.
  • Now, press the button 1 for 1 second (on the front face of the TL-PA4010) and you must see the power led start to flashing.
    Next press the lateral button 2/3 present on the TL-WPA4220 and again the power led start to flashing.
  • Now waiting that all leds stop to flashing.
    Repeat the sequence for the second TL-WPA4220
    Now PLMs are connected to each other.
  • For cloning your WiFi network do this.
    Start your Internet ADSL modem in WPS mode and next press for 1 second the WPS button on your TL-WPA4220 (see below).
    On your TL-WPA4220 you must see the LED near the WiFi icon that flashing slow.
  • After 20/30 seconds, the WiFi LED lights up and stays solid, this indicate that the cloning of the WiFi network has been successful.
  • Now connect your TL-PA4010 via RJ cable to your Internet ADSL modem and connect also your TL-WPA4220 in the room that you need to cover with Internet signal. See below.

Here there is a video tutorial in Italian language.