ZigBee objects

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Non official list of ZigBee objects compliant with ConBee II, ZigBee Mash 3.0, are listed here.

ConBee II, Zigbee universal USB gateway

For more info see here.

Echo (4th generation)

With the integrated hub, it’s easy to set up compatible Zigbee devices to control lights, locks and sensors with voice commands.

IKEA TRÅDFRI ZigBee objects, see here

SONOFF ZigBee smart switch, ZigBee 3.0 Protocol.switch.

For more info see here.

Yagusmart Relè e Ingresso Pulsante

eMylo Smart Switch ZigBee light switch

ZigBee Smart Plug

ZigBee Smart 4 Relay Switch
ZS3L Module Datasheet is here.

ZigBee 65A single phase meter

RGBW ZigBee Controller

OWSOO zigbee hub, Smart Zigbee Bridge, Zigbee 3.0 Smart Home Bridge ready for use with Voice control compatible with Alexa Google Home (Only support eWelink devices)

SonOff Windows and Doors Sensor

Official link is here.
User Manual is here and the Quick Start Guide is here.
If you use this sensor in Home Assistant via the ConBee II, it may be necessary to repeat the pairing procedure a couple of times.

OWSOO Windows and Doors Sensor

Yueyang Windows and Doors Sensor

KKmoon Windows and Doors Sensor

Xiaomi Mi Windows and Doors Sensor
Explanations, how to use it in Home Assistant are here.

Smart Vibration Sensor

Heiman Zigbee Sirena 95db, Zigbee, compatible with Home Assistant, Deconz and Conbee Zigbee Sirena

Sonoff Zigbee Button

Xiaomi YTC4040GL Wireless Button
For replace the battery see this video.

Buttons 3-way panel (ZigBee)

Scene Switch, Wireless Panel Switch with 4 buttons

Xiaomi Mi Motion Sensor – DOC is here – For change the battery see here
Operating Temperature: -10℃ – +45°C (14℉– +113℉)

Aqara Xiaomi Water Sensor IP67
The manual is here

Xiaomi Mi X-YTC4042GL Temperature and Humidity Sensor – DOC is here.
Temperature range: -10℃ – +45°C – Precision: -+ 0.3°C
Humidity range: 0 -100% – Precision: -+ 3%
Operating Temperature: -10℃ – +45°C (14℉– +113℉)

KKmoon ZigBee Smart Thermostat

Programmable radiator thermostat, Thermostatic radiator valve compatible with Amazon Alexa Google Home, Zigbee

Mogzank ZigBee Mechanical Manual Valve

Osram Smart+ LED Bulb, E27, 60W equivalent

Osram Smart+, LED Bulb, E14, 40W equivalent

Xiaomi Aqara global CommunityDoc, Manual, etc. are here.

For more accessories compliant to ZigBee see here and here.