Irrigation basic tools

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PH, humidity and light meter, 3 in 1, see here.
Video description is here.
The manual is here.

  • Moisture
    • 1…3 dry
    • 4…7 normal
    • 8…10 wet
  • PH
    • 3…6,5 acid
    • 7…10 alkaline
  • Light
    • 0…200 low
    • 200…500 low+
    • 500…1000 normal
    • 1000…2000 hight

How to use

  • Select the measure that you need to do (Moisture, PH or Light)
  • Insert the meter in the soil for 5…10 cm.
  • Wait 10 minutes and read the measure.
  • Remove probe from soil and wipe clean after each use

20-piece stainless steel hose clamps for soft hose with external diameter from 16 to 25 mm

Teflon for gaskets, see here

16 mm irrigation hose 1/2″

Ground anchor for 16 mm pipe

16 mm hose connection with 1/2 ” thread

16 mm hose irrigation valve

Cap for 16mm tube

Rapid connection for tap and 16 mm pipes

Fitting for 16 mm hose

Elbow for 16 mm tubes

3-way fitting for 16 mm pipes

Fittings for irrigation hose T 16 mm to 4.6 mm, see for example here

Hole punch, useful for drilling 16mm pipes to insert 4.6mm micro-irrigation.
See for example here

Small 4,6 mm irrigation hose (3/16 inch)

Gardena G1369-29 mini 360° rotary sprinkler (4,6 mm pipe line – 3/16 inch)

Gardena G1371-29 diffuser for micro-sprinkler vaporizer

180° micro sprinkler, see here

Terminal dripper 4.6 mm, see here

Terminal for drip irrigation 4.6 m through, see here

Drip irrigation, see here

Straight connector 4.6 mm, see for example here

T for 4.6 mm, see here

4.6 mm (3/16 inch) end-of-line cap

4.6 mm pipe holder pegs, see here

Quick connector for 4,6 mm, 3/16 inch

16 mm dripline 1/2″

GARDEN IRRIGATION KIT DROP wing 100 m2 Pitch 30 CM Complete with filter, see here.

Long-handled irrigation lance

9 liter watering can

2 liter pump for garden

Galvanized pegs Fixing Lawn nets Mulching sheets, etc

Irrigation timer

B-hyve Smart Indoor/Outdoor Irrigation Controller
WiFi and BlueTooth, irrigation control unit 4, 6, 8 and 12 zones.
See here for indoor and here for outdoor models.

Rain Bird RZX e6i, 6 Zone Sprinkler Control Unit, for Indoor Mounting, Wi-Fi Compatible.
You can buy it for example here.

Claber rain sensor 90915 (NC contact if it does not rain)

Tap adapter for 16mm and 4.6mm hoses, see here

3/4 “tap connector with 1/2” reduction

Faucet adapter

Quick fittings kit for irrigation hose

4-way distributor for tap

Taps 2 ways, 3/4 1/2, see for example here

Pressure stabilizer, see for example here