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Quick Start Guide (QSG) for the RUT360 LTE Router is here.

Main features:

  • Power supply from 9 to 30 Vdc (max 10,5W)
  • Operating temperature: -40° to +75° Celsius
  • Humidity should be in the range of 10% to 90% (non-condensing). Only use the device in dry environments.
  • Antenna SMA connectors (4 antennas are included)
  • CAT 6 means that the router do the Carrier Aggregation max 300 Mbit/sec
  • SIM, Ethernet (1 Wan IN and 1 Lan OUT), WiFi 802.11 b/g/n (2,4 Ghz), also with the Hot Spot functionality
  • Network priority configuration and FailOver functionality (for switch from different source of data)
  • SMS support also for reboot it
  • 1 digital InPut and 1 digital OutPut

The main doc concerning your RUT360 is on the label on the back of your router, see below.

  • Quick Start Guide (QSG) for the RUT360 LTE Router is here.
  • The default LAN IP is:
  • The default WiFi configuration is present on the label on the back of the router
  • The default UserName is admin and the password is on the back of your RUT360

At the first connection to RUT360 immediately the router ask you to change the password.

Next, from the page that appears in the WebUI select in the box Configuration Mode the modality Advanced for get the extended menu.
In the General Settings select your Time Zone, example for Italy is Europe/Rome.
After press Next.

From the page there are the possibility to change the principals configurations.
LAN Configuration the default is (IP), we suggest you to change the last 1 if in the future you think to connect a moden from the WAN that normaly for default use the same IP.
DHCP Configuration must be ON and Enable DHCPV4 must be ON, if in your LAN there is only one router.
DHCP provide the IP address to the object that you connect to RUT360.
After press Next.

In the new page is necessary configure the mobile network according to the mobile operator that you use.
APN means Access Point Name.
There is the possibility to try with Auto APN on ON but sometimes there is a problems to identify correctly your mobile operator.
Another possibility is to configure manually and for do this select Auto APN to OFF.
APN select Custom
Custom APN, in Italy are:
ILIAD -> iliad
HO Mobile ->
Very Mobile ->
In the PIN box is possible insert the PIN of your SIM card.
After press Next.

In the next page there is the possibility to configure the WiFi that generate RUT360.
In the SSID box you put the name as you like of your WiFi.
In the Password box insert a password that you like.
After press Next.

In the last page you has the possibility to configure the RMS (Remote Management System) provided from Teltonika.
We don’t use it and in the Connection Type box select Disable.
Next click on Finish.

At this point you must see the Status Overview page like below.

For a very good tutorial in Italian Language see here.

How to insert the SIM

External Antennas

For a good connection performance it is necessary to have a good radio signal, if it is weak we recommend the use of an external antenna, for example on our VAN we use these (see image below) which are magnetic and which we place above the window of the dinette.

  • For a very good tutorial in Italian Language see here.
  • General link for manuals is here.
  • Quick Start Guide (QSG) for the RUT360 LTE Router is here.
  • RUT360 Manual is here.
  • RUT360 Mobile Utilities and SMS commands are here.