GigaDevice launches the New GD32L233 Series 40nm Ultra-Low Power Process for Energy Saving Applications

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New GD32L233 Series is based on Cortex®-M23 and is manufactured on the 40nm
Ultra-Low Power Process for Energy Saving Application.
The GD32L233 series of MCUs are available (Nov.2021) in package:
The official documentation is here.

Main characteristics

System frequency of up to 64MHz
64KB to 256KB embedded eFlash
16KB to 32KB SRAM
*** Power and consumption
The GD32L233 operates from 1.7V to 3.6V and supports a battery (Vbat) power supply.
The newly designed power management unit provides up to six low-power modes, including partial sleep, deep sleep, external wake-up, etc.
The deep-sleep current is reduced to 2µA, with the wake-up time achieving less than 10µs.
The standby current is as low as 0.4µA.
Under the maximum frequency and full-speed active mode, the power consumption is only 66µA/MHz, which proves excellent energy efficiency.
Flexible power supply modes can achieve lower average power consumption and extend battery life.
*** Timers
4 – general-purpose 16-bit timers
2 – basic timers
1 – 32-bit low-power timer
1 – RTC
*** Standard and advanced communication interfaces up to
2 – USARTs
1 – Low-power LPUART
3 – I2Cs
2 – SPIs
1 – I2S
1 – USB 2.0 FS
*** Low power peripherals
32-bit Low-power Timer and Low-power UART can run in partial Deep-Sleep mode and wake up the MCU
*** Analog peripherals
ADC with a 12-bit sampling rate of up to 1MSPS
1 – 12-bit DAC
2 – Comparators
*** Other peripherals
LCD segment controller, which provides 8*28 segments and 4*32 segments in two formats
High-precision temperature sensor with an accuracy of ±0.5°C

The development boards based on GD32L233 have been launched simultaneously, including the:
GD32L233R-EVAL full-featured evaluation board
GD32L233C-STARTentry-level learning board
GD32L233K-START entry-level learning board

A brief introduction concerning the GD32 families is here.