Pump control the water level (dark waters) in Home Assistant (ZigBee)

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Sometimes you have to check the dark water level of a very small manhole to prevent it from becoming too full, this is a possible solution.
All is integrated in Home Assistant.

Requested components:

  • Dark Water Immersion Pump – Max 10A because SonOff Smart Switch drive max 10A – See for example here.

Let’s start

In very small manholes you have to lock the pump activation float to ON, normally by placing it upwards.
This kit is used in a manhole of only 28 x 28 cm.

With the water sensor (Aqara Xiaomi Water Sensor), modified as shown in the images below, positioned above the manhole, taking care to cut the wires to the length necessary to feel the water, you can control the immersion pump.
We used a plastic tube on which we fixed the water sensor and to weight the tube we filled it with pebbles and closed the ends with hot glue.

The installation

For this automation we have developed two routines, one that turns on the pump 5 sec after the sensor senses the water and a second routine that turns off the pump 5 min after the sensor no longer hears the water.

ON after 5 sec in case of the presence of water

OFF after 5 min if there is no water

This system, suitably adapted, can be used to control the water level of the tanks.