ADO A20 – Foldable electric bike

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Pedal assisted bicycle with also accelerator on the handlebar.
You can find ADO A20 for example here or here.

Main features

Gross weight25.5kg
IP RatingIPX5
Max. Speed25km/35km (enduser can unlock to 35km easily)
Transmission Shimano 7 speed
Electric range<60km 
Assisting range<80km 
Charging time6 hours 
Payload ≤120kg
MaterialAluminum alloy 
  • Transmission is 7-speed Shimano type
  • Wheels 20″
  • Motor
    • Hall Brushless Gear DC Motor
    • Rated Voltage 36V
    • Rated Max Power 350W
    • Torque 40 N.m
    • Rated speed 380 r/min
  • Battery 10.4A 36V, 800 times of charging and discharging
  • Charger
    • Input Voltage 100~240V, 50/60Hz
    • Output Voltage 42V DC
    • Output Current 2A
    • Output Power 84W
  • The electric bicycle features an aluminum alloy frame that offers strength, durability and a maximum payload of 120kg.
  • Mechanical disc brake
  • IPX5 waterproof
  • Operating Temperature -10~40°C
  • Mobile Phone Charging Station 5V/1A USB type A+
  • System Control
    • Turn On/Off Visible button on the speed control handle
    • Riding Modes Switch
    • Front Light Switch
    • Display Type 886 Type HD LCD Display, Clearly under the sunshine
    • Display Contents Speed, mileage, Gear, glitch
    • Electronic booster starting point 5 KM start (CE )(Can change to 0KM start by enduser)
    • Under voltage protection 31±2V
    • Over current protection 15±2A

Our Impressions and SuggestionsLe nostre impressioni e suggerimenti

After having traveled more than 100 Km we can report our impressions and suggestions that are:

  • Check the tightening of the wheel bolts, pedal cranks and brakes which were loose in our model.
    • Controllare il serraggio dei bulloni delle ruote, delle pedivelle e dei freni che erano allentati nel nostro modello.
  • Adjust the rear derailleur as it is not configured properly.
    In Italian language, find the explanations on how to do it here and here.
    More info are here.
    • Regolare il deragliatore posteriore in quanto non è configurato correttamente. In italiano, trovate le spiegazioni su come farlo qui e qui.
      Maggiori dettagli si trovano qui.
  • Adjust the brakes and their centering on the relative discs.
    More info are here.
    • Regolare i freni e il loro centraggio sui relativi dischi.
      Maggiori dettagli si trovano qui.
  • The saddle is quite stiff and we changed it to this one.
    • La sella è abbastanza rigida e l’abbiamo cambiata con questa.
  • During the various routes we also did some simple dirt roads in the woods and the bicycle behaved very well. It is certainly not made for challenging dirt roads.
    • Durante i vari percorsi abbiamo fatto anche dei semplici sterrati nel bosco e la bicicletta si è comportata molto bene. Certamente non è fatta per strade sterrate impegnative.
  • During the various routes we used pedal assist (level 1) for 65%, pedaling with accelerator for 5% and without pedal assistance (level 0) for 30%.
    In these conditions we have done 40 km still having 2 battery notches.
    • Durante i vari percorsi abbiamo utilizzato la pedalata assistita (livello 1) per il 65%, pedalata con acceleratore per il 5% e senza pedalata assistita (livello 0) per il 30%.
      In queste condizioni abbiamo percorso 40 km avendo ancora 2 tacche di batteria.
  • If you notice vibrations during the front braking to the steering head you must tighten the relative clamping bolt, see pictures below.
    • Se si notano vibrazioni durante la frenata anteriore alla testa dello sterzo dovete stringere il relativo bullone di serraggio, vedere immagini qui sotto.

Final considerations

  • Definitely a good bike for paved roads with also a good autonomy, 40/50Km without excessive climbs.
    However, it requires a minimum of manual skills to fix the gearbox, the brakes, the cranks and in our case the steering head.
    Being resealable, it can be easily loaded in a Car or Van/Camper.
  • Sicuramente una buona bicicletta per strade asfaltate con anche una buona autonomia, 40/50Km senza eccessive salite sicuramente si fanno.
    Richiede però un minimo di manualità per sistemare il cambio, i freni, le pedivelle e nel nostro caso il canotto di sterzo.
    Essendo richiudibile si carica facilmente in Auto o in Van/Camper.

Install Rear light + Cable to tie the bicycle

For the Rear light we suggest this because is rechargeable via USB.
We will move the USB charger, present on the handlebar, to the rear area of the bicycle, see images below (red circle) and we will use the USB charger to always keep the rear light we installed charged.

Cable to tie the bicycle, we suggest to use this model because it is possible mount it as we show in the image below, see yellow circle.

Spare parts used on ADO A20

Unfortunately after only 300 km the right pedal bearing broke (the original ones are made of plastic) so I replaced them both with these with aluminum body and always foldables.

I decided also to change the bicycle saddle with this that is cushioned and padded bicycle saddle.

II also adopted a bicycle saddle memory foam cover, like this (XL model). All this to make the saddle more comfortable without having to use the appropriate cycling shorts.

Video Tutorial


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