GD32F4xxx examples for KEIL

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This explanation is based on the GD32F4xx_Demo_Suites_V2.3.0 example software (alfa release), that is proprietary of GigaDevice.
To get the SW mentioned above there are two possibility that are explained below.
*** Contact GigaDevice directly.
*** If you are a Special-IND customer download this version and request the password to open it at this email, please specifying:
Request password for: GD32F4xx_Demo_Suites_V2.3.0
Company Name :
Name of your contact in Special-IND :

In the example mentioned above the directories shown below are present.
For each EVAL or START board there are several examples for GPIO, USART, USB, etc.
All ready to be opened with KEIL and also with IAR.

Unfortunately the examples are ready to use for older versions of the mentioned IDEs (KEIL and IAR).
To use these examples with KEIL follow the explanations below.

Suppose that you want to use the GD32407V_START board for test the LED mounted on it.

Go in the directory:
and rename the file:

Now open your KEIL, please remember to open it in administration mode, and select PROJECT -> OPEN PROJECT
see below.

Choose, from the directory:
the file:
see below.
Project is the file that you renamed before.

Now you must see something like below.

Now compile it and you must see 0 Error and 0 Warning, see below.

For debug press the relative icon and run the program, see below.
You must see the LED that flashing.

To summarize, you can run any example you find in the various directories simply by renaming the file:
Project.uvproj in Project.uvprojx

That’s it, good work with your new GD32.