4WD Robot Car

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If you need make your 4WD robot car I suggest to start from this kit that include also 4 encoder. On BangGood there is a similar kit that is this.

  • For drive the motors I suggest to use this board (Adafruit Motor Shield) that mount the Arduino™ Uno V3 connectors.
  • The official Arduino page concerning this board is here.
  • The schematic of this board, in .PNG format is here.
  • The schematic of this board, in EAGLE (CAD) format is here.
  • Here there is: Understanding the Adafruit Motor Shield HW & SW
  • ATTENTION: For use the Adafruit Motor Shield on STM32 NUCLEO board is necessary do a HW change on the Adafruit Motor Shield board.
  • Here there is an example based on STM32-NUCLEO and L293D, all is made under the free mBed compiler.
  • Here there is a nice mBed library for L293D

A simple example of to use the board is shown below.

  • L293D data sheet is here.
  • Operation Mode is here.
  • Explanation on how to use L293D in Italian language are here.

On the board there is mounted 2 x L293D and 1 x 74HCT595N.
74HCT595N is use to reduce the number of pins necessary for drive the 2 x L293D.

  • Here there is the 74HC595N datasheet.

Another board for drive the motors is this.

On Internet there are a lot of example regarding the use this kit, some are listed below.

For avoid the obstacles during the movement of your car robot I suggest this ultrasonic measuring sensor module (HC-SRF04).

For move the ultrasonic sensor I suggest the SG90 RC servo motor.

A kit for mounting ultrasonic measuring sensor and SG90 RC servo motor is here.