Dometic refrigerator mod. RML 10.4S, tips and tricks

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This is a trivalent refrigerator, it work at GAS, at 12Vcc and at 220Vac.

Do not use refrigerator at 12Vcc if you Motorhome or VAN is OFF because the consumption at 12Vcc is very hight over 14A, see the image below.

Before using the gas refrigerator, remember to open the gas cylinder and light a burner until the flame is stable.
Once the above has been done, you will be able to use the gas-powered refrigerator without problems of false ignition and consequent blocking.

If you have put the refrigerator on GAS and it emits beeps, it means that the gas ignition is blocked.
To reset the refrigerator, follow the steps below.

The fault indicator flashing.

Press for 2 seconds the On/Off button and release it.
The refrigerator is resetted and it start normaly to work at gas.