Professional control system for control the water level (dark waters) in Home Assistant (ZigBee)

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Thanks to this kit you take under control the level of water in a manhole.
Everything is then connected to Home Assistant and can also be monitored remotely via SonOff ZBMINI.


For large image of the schematic below click here.

Global Schematic

For large image of the schematic below click here.

Binary file

The binary file ready to use for program the NUCLEO-F401RE is here.

Source file

The source file for STM32CubeIDE is here.



Thanks to this system, a pump can be controlled for control the level of dirty water.
For setting an adequate delay (Dly from 1 to 20 sec) use the jumpers Cnf0 (PB0) and Cnf1 (PC1), this for avoid the unstable pump activation caused by sudden fluctuations in the water level.

The float sensor that we have found to monitor the water level has a very limited stroke (ON/OFF) (about 3 mm) for this reason a delay of about 2 min has been introduced after each ON or OFF of the pump (see routine below) always to avoid sudden water fluctuations and consequent repeated ON/OFF of the pump.
We advise you to configure the LongDly according to your installation, the configurations used here are for a drain well 28x28x40 cm.

Since we use the ZBMINI SonOff (relay with ZigBee connection) to control the pump, everything can also be controlled by the Home Assistant.
At this point you can create an automation for monitor your pump.
For inspiration you can see our immersion pump control system that is here.