On/Off from Home Assistant your Burglar Alarm (and also from your mobile phone)

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The idea is to implement a remote On/Off of our Burglar Alarm using a simple automation in our Home Assistant and also from your mobile phone.
Of course, for do this there are a lot of possibility, here we show how to do using SONOFF ZigBee smart switch and a simple automation.
In this way we can use our mobile phone to arm and/or disarm our burglar alarm.

We use the SONOFF ZigBee that is a ZigBee device because we use a local lan based on ZigBee because is more flexible and is our personal local LAN that don’t need Internet for working.
In any case also outside home we has the access to our Home Assistent via Internet and https, but how to do this is anoyther story that we don’t explain here.

If you are interested see here.

The kit

The component necessary is the SONOFF ZigBee smart switch, see below.

and a relay of 220Vac because the SonOff output is 220Vac but we need go in parallel with the On/Off contact (NO) of our burglar alarm.

The wirings

As you see, the wirings are very easy, the light bulb we substitute with a relay of 220Vac.


In our dashboard we see the image below.



If we press the: ON/Off Ant.
the relay is turned on for 2 seconds and next is turn off.
This is did from the Automation called: ON/OFF Ant.
See below.

In YAML format is: