Water tanks and accessories

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Water tanks are very popular especially for gathering rainwater for irrigation purposes.

Attention, the water tanks have fittings ranging from 2″ (DN50) to 3″ (DN80) and then check the output connector of your tank before buying fittings, plugs, etc. See below.

For 3″:
1) Diameter of the 3″ (98mm)
2) Space between threading (pitch) 8 mm

For 2″:
1) Diameter of the 2″ (60mm)
2) Space between threading (pitch) 6 mm

Caution: To prevent the formation of algae in your rainwater container, cover it with a anti UV cloth.

In this page there are some Italian links refer the water tank and their accessories.

  • Another Italian website where there are several irrigation materials is this.

Below there is my cistern connect to the roof for collect the rain water.