Fertilizers and Insect defenses for the garden

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ReGrow biostimulant for plants and gardens with micorrize and live microorganisms, see here.
See here for an Italian explanation.

Defense from snails biologic, see here.

Plant fertilizer with antimicrobial action against fungi and bacteria based on copper and sulfur, see here.

Oxychloride fungicide of copper, see here.

Video in Italian on how to use verdigris and derivatives, see here and here.

Insecticide – potassium bicarbonate, see here.
For Italian explanation see here.

Pure Cuban Zeolite – for organic farming – for the biological fight against molds and insects, see here.

Green Pyrethrum liquid insecticide – Natural pesticide, Aphids, Mites, Cochineal, for Horticultural, Ornamental, Fruit Plants. See here.
For explanation in Italian language see here.

Fitokem – Fortifying against insects and parasites in the vegetable garden, see here.
For explanation in Italian language see here.

Measuring Spoons, see here.