How to test a filament for your 3D printer

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Filaments Toxicity
Recent study evidence that all filaments generate a toxic fumes.
The quantity of this fumes depend of the material.
In any case for protect your health we suggest to enclose your 3D printer in a box with a good ventilation to the outdoor.

There are a lot of producer of filament for 3D printer and also are available a lot of color and material.

For this reason is difficult define exactly a temperature for the plate and for the extruder and it’s also difficult define exactly a millimeter retraction.

In general we suggest to reading the instructions released of the filament producer but for a best results we suggest to do the below tests.

TEMP TOWER is used for evidence the response of our filament using a different extruder temperature for different piece of layers.
For do this is used this shape.

At the end of the print, look at the various layers as they were printed, so as to get an idea of the most appropriate temperature to use.

RETRACTION TEST is used for see if the retraction (in mm) is correct.
A correct retraction (mm) don’t release the filament form one tower to other.
For do this is used this shape.

3D BENCHY is a simply a small boat developed for evidence the quality of your 3D printer.
For do this is used this shape.

In this section there are some general info regarding the filaments.

  • For more in deep info concerning the filaments see this guide.
  • A quick filaments summary (in PDF format) is here.